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Mission Statement

lady staff smilingPharmacy For Less, Inc. and its staff are dedicated to providing quality pharmacy services to patients in the home. The Pharmacist will play an integral part of patient care by sharing the ultimate responsibility for drug therapy provided during patient care.

Pharmacy For Less, Inc. believes in providing the best customer care including, cost effective medication delivery services, within the present economic status, geographical areas and market segments. Our system offers and supports the public needs with the most efficient and high tech manner, to insure the utmost compliance solutions including, excellence of care and quality of life.

We are a pharmacy that cares for YOUR health and the health of YOUR RESIDENTS. We understand the integral role that medication plays in recovery and health management. Because of this, we have to be consistent in delivering only the best in quality of products and medication therapy management programs. On top of the commitment we have for quality, we also practice courtesy, patience and respect. All these add up to excellent pharmacy services.

For more information about our services, please call 818-343-5000. Thank you for choosing Pharmacy For Less, Inc.

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